Update on Psychiatry (meeting website) aka Psychopharm aka Psychupdate

This website, which used to be at http://psychupdate.arizona.edu/ and also http://psychopharm.arizona.edu, has been archived and removed, and now those addresses redirect here.

The next meeting was originally scheduled to be held in the spring of 2016, but it has been canceled:

The old site was a Drupal 6 site hosted by UITS. Both UITS and BioCommunications have an archived copy of this site. Ticket ID: WEBTEAM-6802.

The cancellation notice is:

2016 Update on Psychiatry: Highlighting Integrated Care
February 15-18, 2016
Tucson, AZ

On behalf of the department of psychiatry and the conference planning committee we regret to inform you that this conference has been cancelled.

If you should have further questions, please email us at uapsycon@email.arizona.edu .

Thank you!